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     Diplomat Hotel is located at Dominican Hill, Baguio City...just above Lourdes Grotto. This place is my cherished retreat every time I want to be alone. Its very peaceful out here and at the same time eerie and you get a 360 degrees view of the city. From what i know is that this building used to be a seminary where several nuns and priests were beheaded during World War II. It was developed into a hotel, and then comes the fire and it was closed to the public after the death of its owner. I've been hearing a lot of ghost stories from different people about this place. To be honest, I always go here but I havent seen one and one of the reasons why i go here is to be able to see one and to prove that ghosts really exist. Sometimes I enter one of the rooms and sit quietly at the bathtub and pray and wait for any signs or any ghostly apparitions, but nothing happened. But wait till you hear the story of my bestfriend Jhun. He doesnt believe in any ghosts and he hasnt seen one eversince.
One afternoon, Jhun and his friends went to this place to have a picnic. While walking outside the building grounds Jhun saw an image of a man at a tree and later found out that it was a ghosty apparition. He was scared as hell. Since then, he keeps on seeing different entities or ghostly apparitions. I can attest to that coz we work at the same Company before and there was this one time that he left me all alone at the training room and hurried outside the room. When I asked him why did he run away and left me all alone? He said that there was a little girl sitting beside me. WTF! He said that his third eye was opened at this place. I was hoping that it could also happen to me but that's not the case. My other friend Mike promised himself not to go back to this place again. The last time he was here, he was possessed. These are just one of the many stories that people tell about this mysterious place. During holy week, some say that faith healers come here to pray, fast and make offerings in some sorts but I'm not really sure. I already went here a couple of times during the night to ghost hunt but the success rate is zero. Call me crazy but I really love going on an adventure and one of them is ghost hunting. I am very fascinated with old buildings, ruins, cemeteries, and most especially eerie and scary places...no wonder I fell in love with this place. If you have the time to explore the place, you will notice that there are tunnels or bunker like structures in different locations leading to somewhere. I really wanted to explore the tunnels but i aint got the gears because once you go down it's hard to go up. Here are a series of pictures of the place...Enjoy!

































Today Diplomat Hotel has undergone major changes. A portion of the hotels 1st and 2nd level were restored and now open to public. The area where the mini chapel is located is gone to pave way for the erection of the Ten Commandments Building which by the way holds the title as the biggest ten commandments building in the world. Also, a few meters away from the Hotel is a new government building. Today, Heritage Hill or the Diplomat Hotel is now dubbed as a prayer mountain and pilgrimage site in the city. What seemed to be a quiet abandoned hotel is now buzzing with tourist and devotees from all walks of life. Photo shoots are also being held here most of the time. I missed the old Diplomat Hotel.

the old chapel

now the ten commandments building

About 3 years ago I attended a party at Dominican Hill which is a few meters away from Diplomat Hotel, so me and a friend decided to pay a visit. We took a couple of pictures and left. As i was looking through the pictures that I took, I saw this...Could this be a ghostly apparition caught on cam? I really dont know.

 I know that this place is kinda overrated for some since it was already featured on national t.v. several times but up until now I am still fascinated by its beauty and mystery. But there's more to love about this place. If you're in Baguio and if you're looking for the best sunset view in the city then Diplomat Hotel is one of the perfect place to be. One reason why I go here all the time is the sunset.











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