Luna Cemetery

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This is the reason why I’ve been dying to go to LUNA, LA UNION. Call me weird but I really love going to the cemetery, especially cemeteries like this one. The scarier the better! LUNA CEMETERY is one of a kind because in the middle of the cemetery is an old church. I really don’t know the story of this place but all I know is that I fell in love with it. This is LUNA CATHOLIC CEMTERY.

Chapel of the Dead


Situated beside the Lingayen catholic church in Lingayen, Pangasinan is the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Chapel. Would you believe that new born babies are being baptized here during sundays after the funeral mass in the morning and at the same time wedding ceremonies are being held at the main church beside the chapel.

The Wedding Photo

I cant move one of my legs due to a certain leg injury so I was on a house arrest for almost a month now in my hometown in Pangasinan. Yesterday I stumble upon an old box while looking for something. And guess what?! I found an old photo album. The pictures are really old… well, not that old but for me they’re old, dating back from the late 40’s to early 60’s. What really caught my attention are the wedding photos with my mom on it! Looks like my mom loves attending wedding ceremonies during her teenage years. Here are some of the pics…

Ghost Hunting at Acapulco Mountain Resort

It's my time off from work and I make it a point that I get to jog early in the morning. My friend Sherwin mentioned something about an old abandoned resort hotel here in Baguio City called Acapulco. He said that its near outlook drive so I went on a jog to find it! Upon arriving at outlook drive I asked the locals about Acapulco and they said that it is located way way down the mountain. I asked myself, where the hell is way way down the mountain? So I decided to walk instead. After asking several people for the right direction and after walking 8 kilometers, I finally reached Acapulco! Was it worth? Yes because I love old buildings. After reaching the place I felt like I was on the movie “THE SHINING” where I was stuck all alone in a resort hotel. god, I love that movie. I love horror films. and because the place is really old, at one point I felt like im watching one of my favorite tv series “SCARIEST PLACES ON EARTH” and I ended up ghost hunting instead.

Dagupan Ruins

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I’m attracted to old buildings or ruins or anything in between. I discovered this place using  google map. Using the google map satellite view, this weird looking structure caught my attention. So I studied the location and the next day I went to the area in search for this mysterious structure. The next thing I know, this place is now my cherished retreat everytime I go home to Pangasinan.

Gothic Themed Prenup

   When I uploaded the teaser of this gothic themed prenup photoshoot on my facebook account, everyone was making a fuzz about it. Some say that the motif was too dark, that it was a bad omen or could bring bad luck to the couple and so on…But some people were awed and think that it was a nice and one of a kind concept. But no matter what other people say, we are happy with the result because we did it for art sake. The couple and I wanted to do something different, so instead of doing it at the cemetery, I told the couple that Marcos Hi-way would be a perfect location. The camera that I borrowed has a video recording capability so I decided to make a simple prenup video as well. After a couple of days I received a call from the groom saying that they had a vehicular accident. Luckily no one got hurt but their car was damaged. The couple was frightened and asked if we can have another photoshoot and redo the whole thing. Was it really a sign of bad luck? I don’t think so, I told them maybe it was just a coincidence. We were not able to redo everything because aint got enough time. Here are some of the photos…

Eye in the Sky

Taken january 5, 2011. I was having second thoughts whether to post this or not but now I finally decided to. After work I went to mall of asia to wait for the sunset. I don’t know why but I feel like watching the sunset that afternoon. I got lost inside the mall and ended up at the smx convention center area. I was surprised to see a church beside smx! I didn’t know that there was a church there. I went in and sat for a couple of minutes. I was depressed again that day. I was lost again somewhere and I hate it. I hate having the blues. A few meters away from the church is the bay area. I bought myself a popcorn and a bottled water and spent the rest of the afternoon at the bay. I left mall of asia at around 9 pm with a smile on my face. I was so happy that day that I couldn’t  explain why. After a week I decided to transfer the pics in my laptop and I was surprised to see an eye in the sky. Who’s eye is it? Still remains a mystery to me…

Clark Cemetery

The hot air balloon festival in Clark field Pampanga is a whole day event so when I got bored later that afternoon I sneaked out to see the base cemetery. Clark cemetery site was established in 1950 and contains non-world war 2 related remains from the base and other U.S. cemeteries in Manila. It is the last active U.S. cemetery outside of the United States of America. The graves date back to 1900. All branches of the United States Armed Forces are represented as well as Philippine scouts, Philippine constabulary, and citizens of other nations. The cemetery contains 12,000 grave sites in an area encompassing 20.365 acres.

Old Spanish Kitchen

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    Calasiao is well known for its "Puto" or rice cake but did you know that one of the thirty-three declared churches as UNESCO World Heritage sites and National Culture Treasures could also be found in this town? The St. Peter and Paul Church in Calasiao is also one of the largest churches in Pangasinan. Adjacent to the church is the Roman Catholic Convent which was built in 1596 and renamed San Pedro y San Pablo de Calasiao. What intrigues me or fascinates me the most is the convents kitchen. It is separated from the convent and looks like a big old school brick oven. At a glance i thought it was some sort of a tomb because of its achitectural structure but when i asked one of the Priest, he said that it was an old spanish kitchen. I asked permission from the caretakers if I can take pictures of the place and he said yes. One of the caretakers was kind enough to show me around the convent which was being renovated at that time. Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

Diplomat Hotel

     Diplomat Hotel is located at Dominican Hill, Baguio City...just above Lourdes Grotto. This place is my cherished retreat every time I want to be alone. Its very peaceful out here and at the same time eerie and you get a 360 degrees view of the city. From what i know is that this building used to be a seminary where several nuns and priests were beheaded during World War II. It was developed into a hotel, and then comes the fire and it was closed to the public after the death of its owner. I've been hearing a lot of ghost stories from different people about this place. To be honest, I always go here but I havent seen one and one of the reasons why i go here is to be able to see one and to prove that ghosts really exist. Sometimes I enter one of the rooms and sit quietly at the bathtub and pray and wait for any signs or any ghostly apparitions, but nothing happened. But wait till you hear the story of my bestfriend Jhun. He doesnt believe in any ghosts and he hasnt seen one eversince.